19 Feb 2018

Fantastic things you can do with old shipping containers Shipping containers are pretty useful, that much is obvious; helping to transport goods all over the world safely, they ensure that we all get what we need in a safe yet timely manner. However, they can’t last forever. At some point, they’re not going to be […]

01 Feb 2018

Waste Management Containers: Different to ‘standard’ shipping containers? If you’re new to waste management, you might have recently been looking for shipping containers. If you have, you’ve probably noticed that there’s different categories, namely the fact that waste management containers have a different category to the ‘standard’ shipping containers. This has likely left you wondering […]

19 Jan 2018

Different shipping container categories At YMC, we supply a wide range of specialised shipping containers, crafted to your specific requirements. Choosing the right shipping containers for your business is important so we’ve written this to ensure that you have the ability to choose the right container for you. Offshore Container An offshore shipping container is […]

18 Dec 2017
container solutions

Does ‘one-size-fits-all’ apply to shipping containers? Professional suppliers of shipping containers often have a wide range of choices available. Some can even craft them to the requirements that you set out. How do you know what type of container you need, however? After all, it’s important that you choose the right shipping containers for your […]

05 Dec 2017

Shipping Container Manufacturer: Living in a container Despite the rather gloomy-sounding title, living in a container isn’t some kind of ancient torture, it is a choice that more and more people are making year upon year. By container, we mean a shipping container. And by living in it, we mean when it’s no longer shipping […]

18 Nov 2017

Waste Management Containers: Should you just use ‘standard’ shipping containers? If you’re beginning a new project in waste management without prior experience or opportunity, you’re probably on the search for shipping containers so that you can contain and transfer the waste that you’re likely to be collecting. If you have been looking, you may have […]

18 Oct 2017
shipping containers

How many different shipping containers exist? If you’re looking for new shipping containers, chances are you’ll find it difficult. Not because they’re not easily available but simply because there’s so many to choose from! With such a big range, it can be hard to find the container that’s right for what you need. So, to […]

25 Sep 2017

Intermodal containers versus swap body containers If your business needs to regularly transport cargo, you need to know what type of container is best for you. You need to ask yourself plenty of questions when you’re deciding which is the best option for you. How often do you transport cargo, how many times a week? […]