NucCon Container Solutions

A Trusted Partner for Nuclear Freight Containers

With over 20 years experience building Nuclear Containers we are a trusted partner to industry experts and customers alike. We have assisted in many research and development projects and produced over 10,000 containers of various designs for several organisations including LLWR Ltd, British Nuclear Group, Sellafield Limited, Croft Associates, UKAEA and NIREX.

The NucCon nuclear containers have been specifically designed and developed to meet the needs of our customers from within the Nuclear industry including the manufacture of nuclear waste ISO containers.

Our custom made solutions take into account the configurations of the containers to meet with client specifications as well as incorporating stringent safety and protection checks. All of our nuclear containers are developed under the ISO 9001 quality management system with independent checks from classification societies so you can be assured that you are ordering a quality product.


SwapCon Solutions

Our flexible range. Highly versatile for easy transportation.

MultiCon Solutions

Flexible solutions for a wide range of industries (Freight, Military, Chemical industry and Farming).

OffshoreCon Solutions

Specialist Offshore container range, designed specifically for the Offshore industry.

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